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 S.Ben Qayin
(Nephilim Press)

The Necronomicon…A dream, a book, a nightmare. It is a tome which embraces absolute forbidden power that claims its ancient origins amongst the raging sands of the Arabian Desert. There, demons scream and lash about with great fury and terror. It is a book that tells of ways to conjure that which should not be, and gives means to command forces that exist outside of known universal laws. It bestows the ability upon the Magician to control fierce and destructive beings that are older than time, that are not of our Dimension, or Unified Field, but ‘Outside’ of it…

Many have sought this lost tome, for H.P. Lovecraft did not instill this idea in man, but awoke it from thedark recesses of his ‘fragile eggshell mind’. For in humanities veins lies the memory of its ancestors and archaic times, of fears and terrors that have been with the race since long before the dawn of the annals of its history. Lovecraft tapped his veins…and captured the lurid images that spilt out upon the literary floor as ink within the pages of his transcendent works. He wrote from inherit memory of strange times that have been shadowed upon our history, of twilight truths that the more common man rejects and turns away from in fear, replaced by a lighter more pleasant false reality that fits well within the confines of his limited existence of mediocracy and vision. Lovecraft felt the barriers of our universe, and that of others press uneasily against each other as bubbles being compressed. He knew of  how delicate the barriers that separate the realities were, of the madness it all still is, and the insignificance of our small and simple lives in stark comparison to that which is magnificently ~ ‘other’. 

Once this memory was brought forth to mankind from the depths of his dormant mind, it was never forgotten again. When men remembered, they became obsessed and began to search once more for the forbidden tome that none could clearly recall, only feel strong impressions of. Since Lovecraft wrote of the forbidden book, people began inquiring on where they may purchase it, as if it would be on a shelf for any passerby to put into their basket at the local bookstore. Of course Lovecraft proclaimed the truth, that the book did not exist, that it had come from a dream, though only because he had not found the tome, but the stark terror of its memory that resides in all of us as an echo of that which ought be forgotten, though is longed for. For who amongst man does not wish to embrace the forbidden ? To wield that which other men could not ? For the book promises wild power, and few have the want, or will, to resist it.

The work that is being presented in “The Book of Smokeless Fire” is based on a very little known and overlooked Solomonic text simply known as “Miscelaneo de Salomon”, which amazingly mirrors that of Lovecraft’s, “Necronomicon” both in content and history. It is an ancient and forbidden Arabian manuscript, that seems was later evolved into the Greek “Goetia” and gives the earliest known account of King Solomon and his binding of the seventy-two sinister Djinn he sealed away in the infamous brass container. 
In “The Book of Smokeless Fire”, the ancient manuscript has now been reworked into a completely new system, utilizing revolutionary evocation technology, to again call upon the ancient and destructive Djinn, whose names have been concealed for centuries. 

The author thought long on this book, whether or not to bring it forth unto the world of men, for in it resides great pain and destruction waiting to be set free, much like Pandora’s Box waiting to be opened. Though through much contemplation, he came to the obvious decision to release this terror from its obscure and hidden origins for the sole purpose of spiritual balance. The world is in strife, though it is not Chaos that is the cause, but the ever oppressing forces of Order. Order is trying to control everything; right now we see this in our political and religious systems now that their dealings are becoming more and more transparent. Order has the upper hand, and though Chaos is growing in strength as members of the LHP grow in number and presence, the author believes Chaos needs an influx of raw brutal strength and pure destruction to help overcome Order and establish a new spiritual understanding upon the Earth ~ The Gates Of Hell Must Be Opened…

The Djinn listed within the grimoire are purely destructive by nature, and the Magician must use utmost caution when working with them. They are to be deployed when nothing less devastating will do. They are hate, pain and disease waiting to be released upon the world with a rage that is unmatched. If the ‘Goetic’ Spirits have a dark side, these Djinn are the embodiment of it. As stated this grimoire is a weapon, and does not make apologies for its existence. In fact, it is an ‘ultimate weapon’, to be unveiled and used when times are at their darkest. Those times are no longer on the horizon, they are here and are creeping in more little by little, day by day. The Black Magician who is in touch with his surroundings will know when to unleash this forbidden power; they will feel it deep within them…and recognize the feeling as rage. Each Warrior Magician will utilize this strength at different times, when the battle is at their door. There are no specific times to use this Magic, no Sabbats to attend, no nights to honor…it is to be used, when it is needed…at the time of war. 

Though at the same time, this text introduces the Magician to a wider view of Magic, and how it is directed into reality. This work implements a new scientific foundation to replace the Judeo/Christian influence, and focuses on combining the spiritual (energy work) with the scientific (Lovecraftian quantum physics) to open gateways, so that interaction with non-human entities may be achieved. The practice of Magic dealing with the evocation of spirits, both benevolent and baneful, has generally been centered around the Magic Circle and its counterpart; the Triangle of Arte. By using these key components, portals to other realms have been opened and contact with the spiritual entities has been achieved. Whether the magician were calling forth Demons, Angels, or else, these tools have been implemented since time immemorial to commune with that which was ‘beyond’. The author believes the key to opening these gateways between dimensions lies in angles, vibrations and the direction of the Magician’s personal energy and/or Intent. 

The work is accompanied by a very thoughtful preface by author Robert Podgurski, which offers deep insight on the tome, and directs the attention of the reader to areas of the manuscript that may be otherwise overlooked in anticipation of the greater whole. Robert has undertaken a lifelong scholarly pursuit investigating the history and genesis of Hermeticism, Magick, Alchemy, the Cabala, and Western Esoteric Studies. During this time he has researched as well as practiced the Enochian system of Angelic Magic as developed by John Dee and Sir Edward Kelley. In 1981 he discovered an innovative magical tool, the Grid Sigil that has shed light upon and acted as a unifying nexus between his various magical fields of inquiry. This finding has formed the basis for his recently released book: “The Sacred Alignments and Dark Side of Sigils”, published by Mandrake Press Ltd, 2012. Bob has published articles, lectured, and conducted workshops on John Dee, sigil magick, and the Grid Sigil throughout the US. He has also worked extensively with Cththonic Magick exploring various facets of the Qliphoth. His first grimoire of Lovecraftian based Magick will be published later this summer by Aeon Sophia Press. His first collection of poems: “Wandering On Course” has just been released by Spuyten Duyvil Press. 

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Also, woven in-between the pages the reader will find over one hundred original illustrations, including a full alphabet of Lunate Script (to be used in conjunction with the system as the Magician sees fit), Seventy-two sinister Djinn sigils, Three Circles of Arte, Three Triangles Of Arte, and five full page original art pieces created by esteemed artist Robert W. Cook. Robert is an American born artist and architectural draughtsman who is currently residing in Ireland. An artistic and visual approach to occult exploration has become some of the defining elements within his work, entwining numerous mythic themes and undercurrents that often invoke the archetypes present within magical thought and initiation. The seat of Inspiration for Norot's art lies shrouded within the veils of intuitive gnosis and Luciferian symbolism which draws influence from such art and writings of William Blake, Gustave Doré, Albrecht Dürer, H.R. Giger, Aleister Crowley and Austin Osman Spare. His most recent work to date has been cover art for Wolfpack 44's forthcoming album "The Scourge" which will be released through Deadlight Entertainment. As well, he has done the cover art for the latest release of the legendary occult rock band ‘Coven’. Currently Robert is within mid production on several in-depth projects for Nephilim Press, and is always continuing to create personal and commissioned pieces that instill inspiration and awe. His latest works and full portfolio are available for viewing on his website:

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“The Book of Smokelss Fire” is a rare text, in that it brings the forbidden and ‘ancient’, together with the ‘new’ cutting edge concepts of Fringe Magic and science to create a system that can be fully accessed by those willing to expand their understanding of ‘Magic’. As well, it is a tome that brings forth the truly sinister aspects of this reality into a viable form to work with in a personal magical setting. 

~ S. Ben Qayin ~

 Has researched and practiced various traditional forms of Magic throughout his lengthy course of esoteric study, though found early on that Magic was a thread that was woven though all things, and so was drawn to more personalized Chaos Magic from a young age. Chaos Magic or ‘Fringe Magic’ as he refers to it is not new; it is simply a category or term created to encompass Scientific Magic or Magic that deals with dimensions, non-human intelligences and work that questions the basis of ‘reality’, and how to manipulate it. This can be classified as experimental magic if you will, teetering on the edge of the Abyss of Creation. Of course Fringe Magic does encompass such literary works from authors and Magicians who have ventured forth into the ‘empty spaces’, such as H.P. Lovecraft, Carlos Castaneda, Pete Carroll, Frank G. Ripel, Michael Bertiaux, Kenneth Grant and others who have been to the edge of creation and reality, and come back to write of it. They have masterfully transformed into words, experiences and concepts that are seemingly indescribable to those who have not walked the ‘Spaces In-Between’ themselves, who have not known the ‘Twilight of Being and Reality’.

He holds the belief that Magic is not ‘Magical’, that it does not ‘just happen’, nor is it ‘miraculous’, he sees it as a scientific system based on a process that we have yet to fully understand scientifically. This is based on his concept that people do not fully realize the base structure of their reality in which they are currently residing, and that they have yet to understand all the rules of the ‘Consensual Reality Matrix’, and therefore do not entirely understand or utilize their personal energy and influence within it. He views Magic as the manipulation of personal energy to restructure or influence the ‘Consensual Reality Matrix’ to conform with the Will and Intent of the Magician. As with all energy, he believes Magic can be harnessed and directed, Spirits and entities can be contacted, and change can be made manifest within the personal ‘grid’ of the Magician. He believes the program can awaken, and become the User.

S. Ben Qayin has released “Volubilis Ex Chaosium” through Dark Harvest Publications in 2012, which involves deep praxis with H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘Old Ones’, and has published several occult essays in Edgar Kerval’s ‘Qliphoth’ Journal Opus. 1, 2 and 4 by Aeon Sophia Press and Nephilim Press, as well as in “Sabbatica” by Nephilim Press and  in Gabriel McCaughry’s ‘Pillars Journal’ Vol. 1, Issue 1 by Anathema Publishing. He has recently released “The Book of Smokeless Fire” through Nephilim Press and is currently working on a talismanic, artistic project titled “Through Intervals of Whirlwind”, which focuses on Lovecraftian entity evocation, accompanied by fantastic visuals created by renown artists of the occult genre, to be released through Transmutation Publishing 2014. He can be found at :


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