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The Mysterious Art of...HAGEN VON TULIEN

Hagen von Tulien is a contemporary artist and occultist. With more than thirty years of intense magical theory and practice, he has specialized in creating art as an expression and manifestation of magical states of awareness and its use as an esoteric tool.
He is working in a variety of media including pen and ink, paper cut, collage and digital formats.

Throughout the 1990s Hagen was a key figure in the Magical Pact of the Illuminates of Thanateros (I.O.T.), serving as its section head for Germany.
He is currently a Master-Initiate of the Fraternitas Saturni (F.S.) and an empowered adept of the Société Voudon Gnostique (S.V.G.), focused on deeply researching the Saturnian and Voudon Gnosis. La Société Voudon Gnostique is a selective group of initiates and artists dedicated to manifesting the more powerful, inner revelations and transmissions of the Gods of Esoteric Voudon, as well as to push evolution and research of Voudon Gnosis and sorcery freely beyond all frontiers of orthodoxy.
As a Gnostic Priest of the Ecclesia Gnostica Aeterna, Hagen von Tulien is dedicated to manifesting the supreme and divine Gnosis Aeterna within himself while assisting others on their own path to kosmic freedom and liberation.


Illustrations for 'Voudon Gnosis' by David Beth (2nd revised and expanded edition by Fulgur Ltd. 2010, sold out).

An essay and some artwork for the anthology 'ATUA: Voices from La Société Voudon Gnostique' (Fulgur Ltd. 2011).

Contribution to the anthology 'At the Crossroads' (Scarlet Imprint 2012)

Artwork for QLIPHOTH Journal Issue 1 (Aeon Sophia Press 2012)

Cover-design and illustrations for 'The Black Ship' by Malphas (Sirius Ink 2012)

Contribution to PILLARS issue no.1: "Psychopompos" (Anathema Publishing 2012)

Contribution to CLAVIS Journal, Issue 1 (Ouroboros Press and Three Hands Press 2013)

Contribution to SABBATICA  vol I (Nephilim Press)

Diverse self-published works of art (limited editions of prints, art-sets, originals, …)


Hagen Von Tulien
Occult Psaligraphy

The Hidden Art of Papercutting

Ouroboros Press desires every discerning Bibliophile to know that a new book by contemporary artist and occultist Hagen Von Tulien is in preparation. With more than thirty years of intense magical theory and practice, he has specialized in creating art as an expression and manifestation of magical states of awareness and its use as an esoteric tool. In Occult Psaligraphy Von Tulien expresses these magical states in a series of over 160 papercuts. The book, produced in large format and printed in Red and Black will be presented in a Limited but distinct Edition. This bi-lingual text in English and German, includes introductions by the Artist and publisher William Kiesel, who speaks to the practice of papercutting in diverse esoteric traditions worldwide, including China, Japan, Mexico, Europe, Indonesia and America. Von Tulien’s papercuts show a superior quality, the line work, fluidity and design elements reflect experience with both graphics and occult symbolism.  The papercut images Von Tulien creates with his scissors are functioning sacred diagrams, Veves and potent effigies whereby congress with the spirit world may be actuated.

Amalgamations of eyes, serpents, horns, skulls and other sigillic devices, these scissor-cuts become embodied vessels of power. They assist the practitioner in concentration, may be used in meditation or evocation, or as objects of talismanic effect. Specific God-forms, Iwa, and Avatars of Revelation are exemplified, honored and called forth. Other diagrammatic examples of Von Tulien’s scissor-cuts show initiatory knowledge and act as veritable trestleboards of ritual arcanum. The intricate lines and visually striking forms of his cuts cause an immediate fascination in the viewer – a fixation of vision, a keyhole through which Keys are received. Like the emblem books of the Renaissance the Occult Psaligraphy is rich in iconic symbolism. The devices of esoteric tradition are recondite and explicit and the entities present are no less corporeal to the eye. If ever a talismanic book there was, certainly this Book of Spirits is among them.

Pre-Publication Offer

In gratitude to supporting readers who pre-order Occult Psaligraphy, we are currently offering it at the pre-publication price.  Your contribution to this project will assist in the production cost necessary to manifest this fine example of esoteric book art. Ouroboros Press reserves the right to increase the retail price of the volume after its release. Reserve your copy today.

Release Date: Feb 2014

Specifications: Large format Quarto, 8 x 11 inches printed two-color offset on 70 lb paper. Over 160 occult illustrations, many being full page papercuts. English and German text with introductions by the Artist and the Publisher. Photographic samples are forthcoming.

Special Edition
15 Special Editions in Full Red Goat with Sigillic Inlaid front board and gold spine-titling. Marbled endsheets and silk ribbon bookmark. Binding ornament designed by the Artist. $275.00
(Sold Out)

Deluxe Edition
65 Deluxe Editions in Full Black Goat with gold stamped device and spine-titling. Marbled endsheets and silk ribbon bookmark.


Trade Edition
800 Cloth Editions in illustrated dust jacket.


Also Hagen Von Tulien has been working on diverse other projects such as :

A privately published book (Cultus Ghuédhé - Liber C-G) which contains depictions of 45 Ghuédhé Gates, and additional material (116 pages). This can be found in Zom-Box # 3 including an impressive collecting of diverse works

ZOM-BOX 3, #3
A decorated black cardboard box containing the following items:
¶ Cultus Ghuédhé - Liber C-G (bottom centre)
¶ handmade booklet 'A Rite of the Were-Spider' (bottom left)
¶ 45 Art Prints of the Ghuédhé Gates
¶ an ORIGINAL Paper-Cut (bottom left)
¶ Ritual Photographs (bottom right)
¶ Rosary of Cultus Ghuédhé
¶ two bookmarks

Series of works depicting several Death-Deities from diverse Pantheons.
CUSTODIANS OF DEATH were exhibited for the first time ever at the CLAVIS book launch:

Most of his impressive and in deep gnosis reflected through his visual art can be found in the follow page
for information just contact him

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