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SYZYGY - Reflections On The Monastery Of The Seven Rays- TAU PALAMAS

Tau Palamas (Coptic Gnostic Church) is the founding Bishop of the Chapel of the Gnosis.  He is active in the Confraternity of Oblates of the Monastery of the Seven Rays and an Adept and Chaplain in the OTOA-LCN. A Freemason and Martinist for over a decade, +Palamas enjoys integrating diverse channels of the Western Esoteric Tradition with his writing, art and home life in the North Georgia Mountains. He published his first book "Syzygy : Reflections On The Monastery Of The Seven Rays", through Hadean Press and is working on his second book.

"Syzygy" is the appropriate name for this text, yoking together as it does a wide variety of divergent streams. This is at one and the same time a deeply personal account of Tau Palamas' own spiritual journey and a rigorous examination of the Monastery of the Seven Rays' practice in relation to other currents and approaches. The journey is a sometimes dizzying one as Tau Palamas reels from one subject to the next, and from personal reflections to deeply theoretical speculations, the whole thing supplemented with a parade of stark and arresting images from his own paintbrush. This is a demanding text, perhaps at times too adventurous; one certainly not for the tyro. Its ultimate effect, however, is properly magical, and no one interested in contemporary magical praxis and Bertiaux's work will be left disappointed.”             ~Abathur V°, Grand Master of the Friary/OSF

The two worlds of Voudon and Gnosis merged together within the unique expression of a religious community called the Monastery of the Seven Rays. Having a history that is as colourful and mysterious as the variety of individuals involved in this esoteric movement of the spirit, the Monastery stands apart from traditional expressions of monasticism in the East and in the West by existing on a physical plane, but more especially—by also being a psycho-spiritual locale, accessible to all who knock upon her celestial doors. For each Postulant of this Monastery, there is a particular work to do, a particular gnostic space to dwell within and a particular sacred injunction to fulfill for the betterment of the globe. Syzygy by Tau Palamas is one such legacy. It is simply the reflections of one student of this delightful and challenging superstructure of mind-stuff — The Monastery of the Seven Rays.

As interest in the growing fields of Voudon and Gnosticism increases, it becomes important to have works that explore these subjects from distinct angles and from diverse perspectives. From childhood, Tau Palamas has been steeped in traditional Christianity, and so this piece is coloured by that experience, exploring the differences and the deep connections between the Classical Monasticism of the Orthodox and Catholic Churches and the Gnostic and Magickal work of the Monastery of the Seven Rays. More than being a product of research, Syzygy is a result of experience and work within the Monastery. Lavish, full-colour illustrations by the author are further demonstration of the unity of both tradition and creativity within this supernatural cloister.
The hardback edition includes full colour artwork by the author, Tau Palamas.
The paperback includes the same artwork in black and white.
Both editions are 200 pages.

“Syzygy is a fascinating exploration of the Voudon-Gnostic philosophy of Michael-Paul Bertiaux and the Monastery of the Seven Rays. The author, a Gnostic Bishop, takes us through his practice and experiences, telling us about meditation and prayer, Saints and spirits, magick and healing and even death and the dead. In the second half of the book, he offers practical ritual techniques to experience what he calls ‘the Otherworld’ for oneself. I suspect students of the Voudon-Gnostic coursework will find this text an invaluable companion for their studies.”
— Aaron Leitch, author of Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires and The Essential Enochian Grimoire.

“A tour de force of creative synthesis, this extraordinary book sets out to fuse one of the most avant-garde branches of contemporary Western esotericism with the traditions of monastic prayer, contemplation and ritual, and carries out this more than usually demanding task with aplomb. Students of the mysteries weary of the rehashing of familiar teachings that dominates today's occult publishing scene will find it a welcome if dizzying breath of fresh air.” 
~John Michael Greer, Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America

"Your work in 'Syzygy' is terrific! It is a valid and very powerful emanation of the Monastery of the Seven Rays mysticism." 
~Michael-Paul Bertiaux, author of The Voudon Gnostic Workbook 



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