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Devotion And Illumination through the art of...SEAN WOODWARD


Sean Woodward is a contemporary artist, esotericist, writer, publisher, poet and musician with over three and a half decades of dedicated magickal experience and artistic expression. He stands at the crossroads between the arts and technology and seeks to utilise this unique fusion to create artistic portals and magickal machines of illumination and devotion to the Hoodoo and Les Vudu.

He currently serves as the British representative for Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua & La Couleuvre Noire.

In the early 1980s he was a member of the Typhonian Nephthys Arachna Power Zone (affiliated to the Monastery of the Seven Rays) and has a lifetime charter as Knight Diplomatis Supreme (Society OTO). 

He is represented by ZOSHOUSE Fine-Art and maintains a presence at facebook.com/seanofficial and gothick.co.uk. Limited edition prints, original works and his tarot are available from seanwoodward.com

Skype: zoshouse



Lama of Leng, The Thirteenth Path 1 (Aeon Sophia Press, 2014)
Icon of the Magic Cube, COILS I.IV (OTOA-LCN, 2013)
Leghba Invinctus, COILS I.IV (OTOA-LCN, 2013)
The Gnostic Cross of Light, COILS I.IV (OTOA-LCN, 2013)
The Carrefour Tarot (ZOSHOUSE, 2013)
The Initiate of the Northern Cross, Qliphoth Opus III (Nephilim Press, 2013)  
Carrefour Syzygies, Qliphoth Opus III (Nephilim Press, 2013)  
The Twins of the Ritual Design, Qliphoth Opus III (Nephilim Press, 2013)   
Master of the Words of the Island Under the Sea, Qliphoth Opus III (Nephilim Press, 2013)    
Black Snake Ghuede Portal, Sabbatica (Nephilim Press, 2013)   
Gros Bon Ange, Sabbatica (Nephilim Press, 2013) 
Ti Bon Ange, Sabbatica (Nephilim Press, 2013) 
Mister Guede, Qliphoth Opus I (Aeon Sophia Press, 2013)
Second Life Ashram flyer (Prosperity Path, 2013)
Frost Priest Ov Thee Witch Cult, COILS I.III (OTOA-LCN, 2013)
Time Travelling Vudu Mage at Alexandria, COILS I.III (OTOA-LCN, 2013)
Bizango Gnosis Protector, COILS I.III (OTOA-LCN, 2013) 
Vudu Priestess ov thee Witch Cult, Silver Star II.IV (Horus Maat Lodge, 2012) 
Erzulie, Zhoupheus 1 (2013) 
The Heresy (Invisible Lodge) Silver Star I.V (Horus Maat Lodge, 2006)
Winter Solstice, Estronomicon (Screaming Dreams, 2006)
Indian Dreams, Digital PhotoFX (EMPAP Apex Publications,1998)
The Magicks of Hermes, Exposicao Internacional de Arte Postal
Cover Design, New Works 4 (Wirksworth Writers, 2011)
Cover design, Moonstone 47
Portrait with Greek Bust and Cat (Photomontage), Leicester Haymarket Theatre Programme
Nightclub flyer for Bounce Management


Of the Word and Conjuration of Gholems, COILS I.IV (OTOA-LCN, 2013)
The Living Atua of the Carrefour Tarot, Qliphoth Opus III  (Nephilim Press, 2013)
The Death and Resurrection Show, Sabbatica (Nephilim Press, 2013)
Erzulie, The Hoo Queen of Sirius, Zhoupheus 1 (2013)  


Blackmouth Beach, Qliphoth Opus II 
The Shadow Queen of Sirius, Qliphoth Opus I (Aeon Sophia Press, 2013)
House of the Witch, Estronomicon (Screaming Dreams, 2008)  
Christmas Angels, Estronomicon (Screaming Dreams, 2007)
A Christmas in Brompton, Estronomicon (Screaming Dreams, 2001) 
The Lord of Misrule, Estronomicon (Screaming Dreams, 2010) 
Death Codex Part I, Estronomicon (Screaming Dreams, 2006)
Death Codex Part II, Estronomicon (Screaming Dreams, 2006)
Death Codex Part III, Estronomicon (Screaming Dreams, 2006)   
Death Codex Part IV, Estronomicon (Screaming Dreams, 2006)
Death Codex Part V, Estronomicon (Screaming Dreams, 2006)     
Death Codex Part VI, Estronomicon (Screaming Dreams, 2006)
Phoenix in the Attic, Lawrence and the Real England (Staple, School of Humanities 1985)   

Poetry Collections

Dervish Days (Dragonheart Press, 2006, 2012) 
Verbal Narcotics (Dragonheart Press, 1989)
Songs of the Skin (Salford Pocket Books, 1988)
Winds of Karma: Spoken Word (ZOSHOUSE, 2008)
Deja-Vu (Selected Poems 1982-1987) (Dragonheart Press, 1987)  

Poetry - Anthology Appearances

The Cult of Ku, The Thirteenth Path 1 (Aeon Sophia Press, 2014)
Vudu Priestess ov thee Witch Cult, Silver Star II.IV (Horus Maat Lodge, 2012)  
Stanton Moor, New Works 4 (Wirksworth Writers, 2011)
This Solstice Anniversary, New Works 4 (Wirksworth Writers, 2011)
Magick Carpet Ride, Silver Star I.V (Horus Maat Lodge, 2006) 
Scarlet Queen, Silver Star I.V (Horus Maat Lodge, 2006) 
Keepers of the Way, Silver Star I.V (Horus Maat Lodge, 2006)
Billion Dollar Skin, Silver Star I.V (Horus Maat Lodge, 2006) 
Feeding the Pony, Leicester Haymarket Theatre Programme
The Painted Shell, Leicester Haymarket Theatre Programme 
Burma Burns, Moonstone 50
Bali Fire, Moonstone 48
Denied, Moonstone 47
Through the Window, Moonstone 45
Sleep Walk, Moonstone 41
The Dark Trees, Moonstone 40
My Wraith and I, Moonstone 40
Untitled Chaos, Moonstone 39
Solstice Morn, Moonstone 36
Chanoyu, Moonstone 35
Orion’s Rising, Moonstone 25
Senseless?, Moonstone 24
Dark of the Moon, Moonstone 19
The Perilous Chapel, Moonstone 18
Eleusian Chants, Moonstone 18
Footsteps of a Flea, Moonstone 11
The Abyss Prayer, Moonstone
Tonight, Moonstone
Pilgrimage, Moonstone
Miscellany, Moonstone
Stroking the Darkness, Moonstone
Thunder God, Moonstone
Vanitas Still Life, Moonstone
Beneath the Waterfall, Moonstone
Beneath the Waterfall, First Time
Stormy Weather, New Hope International
Heavy Rain, Mailout (East Midlands Arts) 
AOS, Memes 2
Blowing Suicidal, Staple
Clockwork, Staple
Sixes and Sevens, Staple 8
Stanton Moor, Staple
Arbor Low, Staple
Poetry Nottingham
Across Sophia’s Face, Poetic Licence (spoken word, Derby Community Arts)


Music - Albums as Gothick

Abbey Ov Lost Souls (ZOSHOUSE 2012)
Voudon City (ZOSHOUSE 2012)
Retrospecktive (ZOSHOUSE 2011)
Zodios (Quartier23 2011)
NU-HAD-RA: Visions Ov Liber Legis (ZOSHOUSE 2009)
Convokation Ov Ra-Hoor-Khuit (Bleak 2008)
Evokation Ov Hadit (Delta Wave Underground 2008)
Invokation Ov Nuit (Amduscias Records 2008)
Royal Alchemy (ZOSHOUSE 2007)
Earthworx (Splushnay Records 2006)
Abyss Walker (Splushnay Records 2005)  
Metal (Splushnay Records 2002)
Carnal (Splushnay Records 2000)
Best Of 1995-2000 (Splushnay Records 2000)
Gothic Knowledge (Splushnay records 1999)

Music - Appearances as Gothick

Les Mysteres, Qliphoth Opus I CD , Aeon Sophia Press  2013
Black Rock City, Apocalyptic Summer, Empire of Bliss 2012
Invisible Country, Qliphoth Opus II, Aeon Sophia Press 2012
Timeships Of The Spider Lwa, Audio Assault 1, CMP 2012
Feats Ov Thee Loa, The Seven Deadly Sins - Gula, SDS 2011
23 Transyuggothian Transmissions, Twenty Three Seconds Ov Time Volume 3, AIN 2011
Visions Ov Pan, Dark Ambient Vol 1, Sombre Soniks 2011
All Ov These Cities (Standing Together), Dark Artists for Japan Earthquake Relief, Catapult 2011
Eyes Ov Ra-Hoor-Khuit, Thee Other Album, One TrueTOPI Tribe 2011
Aiwass Is In The House, And Now For Something Completely Different, Amex Nori 2011
Furnance of Prayers, Septem - The Seven Luminaries, Quartier23 2011
Whole Ov Thee Law, Do What Thou Will, Sombre Soniks 2010 
Sex Magick, Sex Magick, Quartier23 2009
Goat Ov Mendes, The Devil, Tarot Series 2009
Kiss The Whip, That’s Romance (A Loving Tribute to John Zewizz), FS Records 2009
Litanies Ov Satan, A Tribute to Ruth White, TheeBradMiller Series 2009
Aliens Amongst Us, Sonic Terror I, De Rebellenclub 2009
Man Ov Earth, New Aeon Symbols V, Quartier23 2009
Ov Thee, Spirits Nest, Lomeanor 2009
Solstice Darkstar, Darkmass 2008, Okkulth Records, 2008
Of Orient Are We (Three Kings), A Candle’s Golden Glow, Dark Winter 2007

Music - Albums as Sons ov Sirius

Lapids Lazvli  (ZOSHOUSE, 2012)  

Videos - Appearances as Gothick

Road To Acre, Zodios Album Promo  (ZOSHOUSE, 2011) 
Premiered at A NIGHT FULL OF NOISE 5, Rebellenclub 2011) 

Poetry - Editor

New Moon Rises (Dragonheart Press , 1992)
Derbyshire Poets (Dragonheart Press, 1990) 
Living Poets journal (Dragonheart Press, 1993-2013)  

Poetry - Adjudicator

Faith and Spirituality Poems (The Forum for Faiths at Derby University) 

Delegate, Appointments and Appearances

Writing Industries Conference, Loughborough University, 2008
Art Director, British Association of Myasthenics Well Dressings
Writers’ Workshop Leader, Derby Community Arts
Wirksworth Festival, 2011
Chesterfield Festival 
Derby Festival of Words
Derby City Festival Live

Art – Exhibitions

Tomorrow’s Past, Derby Community Arts


DH Lawrence Festival Poetry Competition, 1985
Special Recommendation, Derby Evening Telegraph Poet of the Year, 1999 
World Wildlife Fund National Poetry Day Poem for the Environment, 1995

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the primigenian art of......JOSEPH CURWEN


I live on the East Coast of the U.S. in Pennsylvania. While it may not be very relevant i would just say that I was drawn to horror, fantasy and strange fiction at a young age, as well as to thrash and death metal, and later black metal. 

I began using hallucinogens around age 17 and over the years have undergone many experiences and ordeals with "wine and strange drugs" including disassociatives such as DXM and K, as well as DMT. Eventually my purpose became clear, a communion with primordial nightmare energies, as I wandered forests and ruins, the "lonely places of the earth" when possible, taking hallucinogens, sometimes alone in forests at night, to be alone with dark nature spirits. 

Eventually as I studied more of Crowley, Regardie, Dion Fortune, etc and eventually Grant and Bertiaux I began to put more structured ritual forms together and learned to see artworks as inseparable from magick. I have been studying the magick, mystic, religious and mythological lore of the worlds cultures for a long time; I am vegetarian, a devotee Earths nature spirits, and practice physical Yogas, breathing, and meditations daily as well as Qigong. 

I chose the name Joseph Curwen as an alias because it demonstrates my commitment to the exploration of Necronomicon energies as well as my belief that human consciousness can travel space and time, and that our so-called identities are just atoms in the vast cosmic mind made up of the entities called the Ancient Ones. To these I build shrines and make sacred art. I am content to be a solitary black magician but feel that sharing of artforms with the many other dark occultists emerging in the world is part of the Aeon, and prepares the next stage in human evolution - "Projection is the formula of the Aeon of Horus." Many art works I keep only for private shrines or have destroyed. 

I also have been composing ritual ambient music and video (mainly for my personal use) and do vocals for the black noise project T.O.M.B. using a black-metal visual-ritual mentality for our live shows.

some of his impressive visuals will be included on the new opus of Qliphoth journal coming during this year 2014