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KEYS OF OCAT (Stephanie Connolly)

 S. Connolly has been practicing and studying all things “oc¬cult” and metaphysical since 1984. Her interest started with divination, ge¬matria, and necromancy and quickly spiraled toward ceremonial magick, witchcraft, and Daemons. She has been a practicing Daemonolatress since 1988.she has writen diverse books regarding necromantic traditions,always adapting new elements which gave the readers an amalgame of rituals,praxis and personal gnosis.

I have the honor to explore her book "Keys Of Ocat" ,a powerul grimoire in which she opened a deep gate to connect and experience with spirits of the dead realms via goetic invocations,gnosis, evocations and diverse necrosophic practices which trascends the alchemy of death,and carry the reader into an intense work for inner preparation to work with spirits. Talismans,seals,orations,connecting each other in this impressive grimoire,focusing the death current as imporntant element to personal evolution ,understanding its mysteries and how to cross the diverse veils of necromantic works using demonolaetry and sacred rituals to explore the wisdom of the dead. how to use the works of necromantic,though bones used as oracular platforms of divination.

Also she revelas part of her gnosis through the connections with ancient gods of the death though the use of preparing powerful talismans,purifications of sacred places of work,how to prepare Graveyard dirt for upcoming works.definitely an intense book full of prayers and rituals which you must find interesting if one of your goals is to understand the mysteries of Ocat,coz youre the key to the entrance of the realm of the dead. an important point here,is a chapter dedicated to how to prepare tinctures with blood ,the use of diverse bones,necromancers herbs and funerary oils in the necromantic works. 

The death tablets included here are powerful tools you can use when working with the dead , its use and interesting elements are present in a chapter,where you shall find its correspondences and encoded in enochian script. A higly reccomended book if you are interesting to open the abysmal gate which connect us with the spirits of the dead.A practical book which sure ly you will find more than interesting. 

Both editions of The Keys of Ocat are 6"x9", heavy cream, smythe sewn, archival quality paper. The LIbrary Edition, in only 450 copies, is bound in Red cloth and has gold foil stamping while the Deluxe Edition is bound in Red Leather with a shallow embossing of a necromantic formula on the cover. The Deluxe Edition, limited to 200 copies, contains a silver place marker ribbon and each one was autographed by the author during a special consecration ceremony. The Funerary Templar Edition (SOLD OUT) is bound in full Black Goatskin by a noted artisan binder. There very design is based on a set of requirements laid down by the author after consulting with several Necromantic Funerary Priests. 

During this year 2014,Mrs Connolly will release another book "Sacrae Infernales",Thorugh Nephilim press.A work intended for the intrepid, this contemporary grimoire details workings with theGoetia Spirits and goes beyond the limitations often encountered while working in the traditional ways of the Lemegeton.  
Sacrae Infernales includes respectful and powerful ways to work Goetic theurgy for purposes of both low and high magick. With expansive and experimental techniques ranging from simple spell-craft to ceremonial magick, magicians will find Sacrae Infernales an intensely profound modern work on Goetic Sorcery that will appeal to anyone who seeks to immerse him/herself in Goetia and take their work beyond the seer rites and into the realm of theophany and result manifestation.

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