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Daemon Barzai /BLACK TOWER Publishing

Daemon Barzai is a Draconian Magician. Devotee to the Great Old Ones. Esoteric Translator, Writer and Publisher. from many years ago he has been an explorer and devote of the draconian path and  sorcery. he has been focusing all  his knowledge in the participation of publications such as "Qliphoth journal","Visions Of The Nightside","Lilith:Godess of The Sitra Ahra". also working in the very interesting blog in spanish "Diario De Un Brujo" and his first book " The Nyarlathotep Book " released on december last year 2013. The same year he founded "Black Tower Publishing.

The Black Tower stands sentinel at the threshold of the Void, at the crossroads of Manifestation and Non-Being, where worlds and dimensions meet and intersect. Surrounded by Primordial Night, it exists alone outside the universe known to man, in raw Darkness that flows from the Womb of the Dragon, channeling primal currents and transforming consciousness through the promise of Transcendence. It is the Eye which sees through the Veil of Illusion and looks into the Void. It is the Eye of the Dreamer and the Portal to Knowledge and Power, existing on the borderland of dreaming and waking, between the Slumber of Ignorance and Awakened Consciousness. It transmits the Currents of the Void, the Primal Current of the Dragon, radiating the black light of forbidden gnosis, the true source of Illumination, into the present Age of Re-Awakening.

The purpose of Black Tower Publishing is to earth this Gnosis by working with inspired and talented writers, poets and artists who wish to share their Vision and Personal Experience with those who seek the true Wisdom. We dedicate our Work to those who embark on the antinomian quest for knowledge and power and reject ignorance and weak-willed conformity. The purpose of our books is to open the gates of the soul and awaken consciousness to the Gnosis of the Dragon, bringing forth Draconian Current into the world and assisting in personal Ascent on the Path of Flames.

Black Tower Publishing opened its doors with the official opening of Temple of Ascending Flame. Our purpose is to publish unique and exclusive material for those who are really interested in Draconian Path and Atlantean Current, and also in LHP, Black Magic, Dark Witchcraft, Demonology, Necromancy, Necronomicon Current and all forms of magic that could be considered as “Taboo”.

Our mission is to spread the LHP in a unique way. We offer something different than mainstream publishers. Our books are exclusive and our writers are people with years of experience on the dark path.

Visions of the Nightside

Visions of the Nightside is a collection of essays, rituals and various expressions of personal gnosis written by members and associates of the Temple of Ascending Flame. Unique and evocative in its content and form, the book comprises powerful manifestations of magical practice with the forces of the Nightside: dark Gods and Goddesses, primal energies of the Void, entities residing on the Qlipothic Tree, demons of infernal regions, and spirits from a whole range of traditions. It is a practical research and insight into the practice of the Left-Hand-Path magic within the modern context, with contributions from working magicians and initiates of Draconian and Atlantean traditions.

Articles included in this volume:

Gnosis of the Void by Asenath Mason
Setnacht by Frater Eremor
Hecate: Blessed Mother of Witches by Pairika-Eva Borowska
Mea Magna Mater Hecate.  My Immersion in Multicolored Blackness by Selene-Lilith
Night on Bald Mountain by Cyril Matytsin
Into the Void by Frater GS
Thantifaxath: Saturn and Lilith Unite in the Poison of the Serpent by Daemon Barzai
Ravens of Dispersion by Asenath Mason
Poseidon’s Trident by Rev Bill Duvendack
The Ascending Flame of Lucifer by Asenath Mason
Lucifer’s Trident Ritual by Rev Bill Duvendack
Whispers From The Void (Exploration of Baratchial through the 12th Tunnel) by Edgar Kerval
Demeter: Draconian Goddess by Fr. Nephilim
Lilith – Queen of Vampires by Daemon Barzai

Hand-bound book – 999 edition copies.


The Nyarlathotep Book

Several people know his name, although only a few understand how to work with him. Nyarlathotep: The Crawling Chaos is the messenger of the Great Old Ones, an emissary between humans and the Outer Gods. He is a deity with a thousand faces. This ritual book explains how to work with him in a theoretical and workable approach. This Grimoire has been inspired by Nyarlathotep himself. Here, you will discover things that have never been published before.

The book will cover such themes as: Who Nyarlathotep really is, Invocation and Evocation of Nyarlathotep, The Mirror of Queen Nitocris, The Labyrinths of Kish, The Black Tower of Koth, A Ritual of Possessions, A Pact with Nyarlathotep, The Masks of Nyarlathotep, Nyarlathotep as a Black Man of the Sabbat and much more…

The Nyarlathotep Book has very high quality, paper: 130gr. White cover with an amazing a very detailed printing in the book jacket and wonderful illustrations in B&W. Hand-bound and hand-numbered with Indian ink. 333 limited edition.

50 USD + Shipping 

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