jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

the primigenian art of......JOSEPH CURWEN


I live on the East Coast of the U.S. in Pennsylvania. While it may not be very relevant i would just say that I was drawn to horror, fantasy and strange fiction at a young age, as well as to thrash and death metal, and later black metal. 

I began using hallucinogens around age 17 and over the years have undergone many experiences and ordeals with "wine and strange drugs" including disassociatives such as DXM and K, as well as DMT. Eventually my purpose became clear, a communion with primordial nightmare energies, as I wandered forests and ruins, the "lonely places of the earth" when possible, taking hallucinogens, sometimes alone in forests at night, to be alone with dark nature spirits. 

Eventually as I studied more of Crowley, Regardie, Dion Fortune, etc and eventually Grant and Bertiaux I began to put more structured ritual forms together and learned to see artworks as inseparable from magick. I have been studying the magick, mystic, religious and mythological lore of the worlds cultures for a long time; I am vegetarian, a devotee Earths nature spirits, and practice physical Yogas, breathing, and meditations daily as well as Qigong. 

I chose the name Joseph Curwen as an alias because it demonstrates my commitment to the exploration of Necronomicon energies as well as my belief that human consciousness can travel space and time, and that our so-called identities are just atoms in the vast cosmic mind made up of the entities called the Ancient Ones. To these I build shrines and make sacred art. I am content to be a solitary black magician but feel that sharing of artforms with the many other dark occultists emerging in the world is part of the Aeon, and prepares the next stage in human evolution - "Projection is the formula of the Aeon of Horus." Many art works I keep only for private shrines or have destroyed. 

I also have been composing ritual ambient music and video (mainly for my personal use) and do vocals for the black noise project T.O.M.B. using a black-metal visual-ritual mentality for our live shows.

some of his impressive visuals will be included on the new opus of Qliphoth journal coming during this year 2014

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