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Matthew Wightman
Beyond the Eye of the Serpent

Matthew Wightman is the pioneer of the Current 61 and the originator of the notion of Ain as Radical Impossibility, the Ultimate Solution to the Problem of the Atzmut, The Essence of ALL and NONE.
Matthew holds a MA in Theology from Yale University, as well as having completed a year of doctoral coursework in Theology, Philosophy and Ethics prior to leaving the academy to pursue his own occult studies and writing. 
His current work draws inspiration from the insights of Continental Philosophy as well as the practices of Traditional and Klifotic Satanism.
Matthew is currently involved in a number of projects, the most significant of which is the writing, compellation and editing of the Kitvei Kodesh HaChol, the Ultimate written expression of the Current 61, including the Scripture of the Nachash El Acher, to be published by Aeon Sophia Press.
Matthew Wightman is the author of the following books:

• Kitvei Kodesh HaChol (Volumes 1-6)
Aeon Sophia Press, Scheduled for Publication Throughout 2016.

• Lyrics of Lilith, Songs of Samael: The Serpent Siddur of the Nachash El Acher
Aeon Sophia Press, 2014.

Matthew Wightman is the author of the following published articles:

• “Rite of the Seduction of the Virgin.” Lilith: Goddess of Sitra Ahra. Black Tower
Publishing. 2014. Pgs. 108-112.

• “The Serpent’s Servants: Disciples of Ain.” Qliphoth Journal Opus III. Nephilim Press.
Winter Solstice, 2013. Pgs. 45-52.

• “Consuming the Fruit of Unlife: An Anti-Cosmic Perspective on the Golden Eitr.”
Pillars Vol. 1 Issue. 2. Anathema Publishing. Autumnal Equinox, 2013. Pgs. 26-29.

• “In the End there was the Beginning: A Klifotic Theology.” Zhoupheus Issue 2.
Zhoupheus. Spring Equinox, 2013. Pgs. 3-6.

• “In the Beginning there was the End: A Klifotic Theology.” Pillars Vol. 1 Issue 1.
Anathema Publishing. Autumnal Equinox, 2012. Pgs. 86-91.

Matthew Wightman has Edited the following books:

• Malevolence by Vadge Moore, Aeon Sophia Press, 2015.

• Via Siniestra: Under the Masks ov the Red Gods by Edgar Kerval, Aeon Sophia Press, 2013.

• Fosforos by Johannes Nefastos, IXAXAAR, 2013.

you can get the books via Aeon Sophia Press

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