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The underworld emanations of Barry James Lent

The underworld emanations  
 Barry James Lent

One of these creative spirits emerging from such deep desolated underworld realms is Barry James Lent,a devoted individual focusing all its creative side to explore the diverse paths within its dark nature ,creating,exploring and transforming his most deep desires into suggestive and impressive visual transformations. some of his art will be revealed soon through opus V of qliphoth journal. here are soem of the visuals in which he works,revealing just a part of the whole potential and creative path he possess

eat , sleep, shit, piss, cum..... There are many who will not understand my deplorism of this mortal coil.  I vomit, drink, trance and allow myself to become a vessel for what is....and what may be. With the psychic help from the sounds of a few friends.. largely ignored and criminally so... 

to the deliverance of my mind and heart... on the cosmic scale of action.  As I deliver  to you,  you  "finger puppets" of the higher mind,  these works for which I die a bit each time (la petite morte, as said in France) I am transformed to a higher plane, and in a frenzy of laughter and  devotion it happens,  before the sleep takes me ... Tarkhem and Emma Ya bleed deep in the growing of my  being, and the Xul of Ilabrat drives the nails that make me move.  Mal Etre completes these movements, and  I am exhausted.... to have to sleep another night's worth is an angered inconvenience. 

As the toilet takes my humanity,  I am sore and distressed for the leaving  that reminds me of the prison we share.  I am but a humble narrator of the truths that are and WILL be, and as the STYX carries me, and us ALL.....we shall arrive on a plane quite different from what was expected..... expect NOTHING, and be NOT disappointed. My Friends and dear viewers, a madman I am,  but in madness we must be.  To show the patterns of the free mind.....cosmic puppets of the WILL, is my charge.  If it burns us ...let it be so, as we  shall become the wiser for the journey............

666.  lord of light take us. The next planet awaits......

more of his art can be found

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